Our Staff

Chances are very high that you know someone who has been buried at Graceland. Families from all over the Capital District have entrusted us with the difficult decision facing them at their time of need.

Holly Milne, Manager

Holly has been helping families in need at Graceland for over 25 years. She can help you plan for your future needs by offering affordable options whether or not you have friends or relatives buried at our cemetery. Holly is very caring and compassionate, skills she has developed along the way after serving the thousands of families she has helped.

Give her a call today: 518-463-8408.

Harry J.  Ermides, President and General Manager

Harry has been associated with Graceland for over 12 years.  As President, his first goal was to improve the overall appearance of our grounds.  He converted all maintenance functions to outside contractors beginning a 10 year improvement process that included paving all roadways within the cemetery from dirt roads, landscaping the perimeter of our beautiful mausoleum, and maintaining the grounds in all types of weather conditions pleasing all of our customers, visitors,and funeral directors.

This process continues today with even more improvements planned along with the major 5 year project that converted over 100 years of paper records to a “state of the art” cemetery management system by Stone Orchard.  Over 12,000 records can be searched and retrieved within seconds, eliminating long and tedious manual searches. This allows us to serve our customers in a timely fashion and helps manage  the location of all interments for over 30 acres of grave sites.


Join other "Friends of Graceland" and DONATE to our perpetual care fund. This fund will help us add to the natural beauty of our cemetery and grounds. Thank you for your generosity.


If you're looking to find a relative or friend in Graceland Cemetery, use our online cemetery search here.


We can help.

Contact us at Graceland for assistance with setting up your arrangements. We've been helping people in need of services for decades and can give you the support you need.
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