The History of Memorialization

Memorialization, as an act of honoring and remembering the lives of those who proceed us in death, is an age-old concept that has its basis in prehistory. The ancient Chinese, ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks all paid respect to their deceased through memorialization, often in ways that were unique to their culture and time.

The Chinese conveyed memorialization through writings more than 13 centuries before the birth of Christ; the Egyptians built monumental temples and structures in memorialization of their dead, as did the ancient Greeks.

Archaeological discoveries in Europe too tell us that memorialization was an important part of life here before the birth of Christ. Wall carvings, cave paintings and burial rituals all point to acts of memorialization as well as a desire to be looked upon favorably by the deities to whom they prayed.

Memorialization in Christian Times

Since the birth of Christianity, evidence of memorialization can be found all across Europe and beyond. From the remnants of Roman archaeology to early Christian Saints who fled the Holy Land in fear of persecution, and the medieval gravestones in Britain’s cemeteries, there are memorials of all different shapes and sizes that have provided a route to remembrance for generations, right through to the present day.

In the United States, memorialization has played a significant role throughout much of the country’s history. From the rituals and observances of the first native populations of our country to the people of present day North America, memorialization is as powerful concept that continues to remember past generations and inspire future ones.

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