The standards here at Graceland Cemetery are very high.

The following Rules and Regulations are hereby adopted, approved and put into effect for the mutual benefit and protection of each and every lot, plot and grave owner in the above-named cemetery.

Rule 1 – General Supervision.

This cemetery is a New York corporation, organized under the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law of the State Of New York, herein after called Graceland, for the benefit of all lot, plot and grave owners, retains to itself full, complete and undisputed supervision, control and management of land, buildings, improvements,  roads, walks, pathways, utilities, development, books, and records, and the full and complete authority to make, change, and enforce all rules, regulations and restrictions consistent with the laws of the State of New York.

Rule 2 – Official Records.

The official records of all lot owners shall be maintained by Graceland at it’s designated office where each lot owner shall be registered by name and address. Such registration shall be the final governing record in determination of lot ownership.

Rule 3 – Inalienability.

All lots, the use of which has been conveyed by cemetery deed, are indivisible, except with the consent of Graceland and as provided by law. Individuals may not subdivide their lots without the consent of Graceland, nor bury the remains of any person therein, except in accordance with the New York State law, or when the written consent of all owners registered on the books of Graceland shall have been obtained and approved by Graceland.

Rule 4 – Change of Address.

It shall be the duty of each and every lot owner to keep Graceland fully informed as to his or her mailing address, and to notify said Graceland as to any changes thereof.  Notice sent to any plot owner at the last registered address on file in the office of Graceland shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notice.

Rule 5 – Right of Ingress and Egress Reserved.

Graceland reserves to itself and to those lawfully within the cemetery a perpetual right of ingress and egress over all graves and lots for the passage to and from other graves and lots.

Rule 6 – Transfer of Ownership.

The transfer of ownership or title or interest in any lot, plot or grave space shall be made only after being approved by and recorded on the books of Graceland, on its forms, and in accordance with the New York State Not – For – Profit Corporation Law and the New York State Cemetery Board.

Rule 7 – Interments.

A) Not more than one body shall be interred in one grave. Lot owners are prohibited from allowing interments to be made on their lots for compensation. No interment shall be permitted until the grave has been paid for in advance.

B) No interments shall be made on Holidays, except in case of special necessity, religious reasons or contagious diseases, in which case special fees will be charged.

C) No interment will be permitted, or body be received unless the proper certificate is furnished as required by law, and after at last two days prior notice is given.

D) Graceland reserves the right to inter any bodies placed in the receiving vault whenever it deems it necessary.

Rule 8 – Outer Case.

Each interment on a lot purchased on or after January 1, 1985, shall be made within an outer container. Graceland strongly recommends a permanent outer case of concrete or steel in order to assure the safety of the public and to permit proper maintenance programs. This inner and outer container must be marked with the name of the decedent.

Rule 9 – Casket Openings.

Once a casket containing a body is within the confines of the cemetery, no funeral director, his assistant, employee, or agent, or any member of the deceased’s family shall be permitted to open the casket or touch the body without the consent of legal representatives of the deceased, or without a court order.

Rule 10 – Dis-Interments and Removals.

No Dis-Interments shall be made except by Graceland employees, with the consent of Graceland and upon written consent of the family in accordance with New York State Law. Graceland reserves the right to perform any dis – interment at its convenience.

Rule 11 – General.

A) The Superintendent of the cemetery shall be in full charge of all employees, all work done, all development, care, and maintenance, subject only to the instructions, orders, and directions of Graceland.

B) All funerals, on reaching the cemetery, shall be under the charge and supervision of superintendent or other designees of Graceland.

C) The Superintendent or assistants are hereby empowered to enforce all rules and regulations and to exclude from the property any persons violating the same.

D) All work done in the cemetery shall be done by cemetery employees or designated contractors chosen by Graceland.

E) All charges for interments, removals, etc., or any other work, must be paid in advance.

Rule 12 – Conduct Of Persons.

A) Persons within the cemetery shall use the walks and roadways, and only where absolutely necessary for ingress, and egress, shall they cross other lots, plots, or burial.

B) No firearms or intoxicating liquors shall be permitted upon the lots or within Graceland at any time, except in the case of firearms for the purpose of a military funeral under proper command.

C) No signs or notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the cemetery or on premises surrounding the cemetery, unless placed and authorized by Graceland.

Rule 13 – Artificial Flowers, plants & decorations.

A) All decorations of any kind are to be conservative and unobtrusive. They are to be placed in a manner that will not interfere with any maintenance activity around any monument or memorial marker placed by Graceland or outside vendors.

B) Graceland reserves the right to remove any decoration, plant or display at owner’s expense that detracts from the decorum of the cemetery as determined by its Board of Directors at any time.

C) Silk Artificial flowers are permitted as long as they are secured tightly to the monument in an approved container. All flowers that can possibly fall to the ground will be removed and discarded so as not to be mowed to tiny pieces and strewn throughout the cemetery. Plastic flowers, balloons, and pop art are not permitted at any time.

D) No loose flowers of any kind will be permitted on any lot from April 1 to October 1.

E) All plants and decorations will be picked up April 1, and October 1 of each year during spring and fall cleanups and discarded.

F) No trees, shrubs, or plants shall be planted, pruned or removed without the consent of Graceland. Acting in the best interest of the cemetery, the Superintendent shall have the authority to prune, remove, or transplant any tree, shrub, plant, or anything upon a lot, when he any consider such a course necessary, after due notice to the lot owner.

G) Graceland reserves the right to remove any and all ornamentation of any kind in the way of our mowers or that we may deem inappropriate or pose a hazard to visitors at owner’s expense.

H) No coping, curbing, hedging, grave mounds, borders or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed around any lot or ground space and no walks of brick, chat, cinders, tile, stone, marble, terracotta, sand, cement, gravel, or wood shall be allowed on any lot, except such as are place and approved by Graceland.

I) It is the lot owner’s responsibility to maintain in good repair any memorial marker, or monument installed by Graceland or other dealers.

Rule 14 – Memorials and Markers.

A) No urn or urns may be placed on a grave or lot without the written permission of Graceland. Approved containers must be secured so as not to be in the way of maintenance personnel or equipment.

B) Monuments or markers are restricted to a base of 2’6” in length by 1’2”in width in all single graves, or 5’ x 1’2” for all 2 grave plots.

C) Markers on single graves or Family lots in sections designated as Flat Sections are restricted to a maximum of 24″x14″ in standard bronze or flush granite, except for the Infant sections, which are restricted to a 16″x8″ standard bronze or flush granite. Veterans markers, supplied by County or federal government, are restricted to flush bronze or granite markers 1’X2’.

D) Monuments and markers in all other sections of the cemetery are limited to one per lot, in proportion to the size of the lot and in conformity to the beauty and decorum of the cemetery, as Graceland may determine.

E) Plans for all monuments or markers must be submitted to Graceland for approval before acceptance of an order for a foundation for same.

F) No corner markers or other markers, not specified here, of any kind are allowed without prior written consent from Graceland.

G) Cemetery reserves the right to reject any monument or marker plan which it deems not in keeping with the solemnity and dignity of the grounds, the general scheme of the lot or of the cemetery, or made of material which it deems suitable for such purpose.

H) Graceland requires all foundation orders to be submitted on its own form, and signed by the lot owner(s) or heir(s).

I) Graceland will not accept any order for the installation of a monument or foundation or any other structure unless such lot, foundation, etc. is fully paid for.

Any variance to these regulations must be approved in advance by Graceland Cemetery in writing and signed by its President.


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