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To search our database of loved ones buried at Graceland, please enter your search term or terms below.

If you were aiming to find all the Smiths buried at Graceland in 1980 for example, a good search would be “Smith” in the Last Name field and “1980” in the Date of Interment field. But you can try many different searches. Please note that by entering search data into multiple fields you will be limiting, not expanding, search results. In the example above, you would be searching for those Smiths who were interred only in 1980 or, phrased another way, only those interred in 1980 who have the last name Smith. Those with the last name Jones would not appear, nor would Smiths buried in 1960.

Dates are expressed as MM/DD/YYY. Question marks (“?”) are used for unknown dates.

The results page display all results for that search.

When available in the results, by clicking on “View Map” or “Print PDF”, a map of that section of the cemetery will pop up in a new browser tab.

To return from the results page to search, just click the “back” button in your browser.

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